In a time when the Earth was young and humanity was just beginning to leave its mark upon it, there was a small tribe that lived in the heart of a lush valley. Among the members of this tribe were two hunters, Orok and Ekon. Both were skilled and brave, but they were different in one significant way: Orok was content with his life, while Ekon was often consumed by envy.

One day, as the tribe celebrated the return of the hunters with their catch, Ekon noticed that Orok’s kill was larger and received more praise from the tribe. That night, under the starlit sky, Ekon’s heart grew heavy with envy. He could not understand why fortune favored Orok and not him.

The next morning, Ekon set out earlier than usual, determined to surpass Orok. He tracked a large beast for hours, his mind clouded with thoughts of outdoing his fellow hunter. Meanwhile, Orok, unaware of Ekon’s turmoil, went about his day in his usual manner, enjoying the beauty of the world around him.

As fate would have it, both hunters found themselves tracking the same magnificent beast. Ekon, driven by envy, rushed forward recklessly, startling the beast and putting both himself and Orok in danger. Orok, with his calm presence and understanding of the wild, managed to save both of them. However, the beast escaped.

In the quiet that followed, Ekon’s envy melted away, replaced by a profound realization. He saw that his envy had blinded him, not just to the dangers of the hunt but to the beauty of his own life. He understood that his worth was not measured by comparing his achievements to Orok’s but by his own actions and character.

From that day forward, Ekon hunted not to surpass others but to contribute to his tribe and find joy in his own journey. The tribe thrived, not just because of the skills of its hunters, but because each member, like Ekon, learned to value their own unique strengths and contributions.

And so, the parable of Orok and Ekon teaches us that envy blinds us to our own strengths and the beauty of our journey. True fulfillment comes not from being better than others, but from being the best version of ourselves.

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